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AllyAlign Health

Happy residents.
Healthy business.

Medicare Advantage strategies for
senior living providers

Changes in Medicare and customer expectations require senior living providers to deliver more comprehensive and innovative services than ever.

AllyAlign Health - Provider Centric Plans

Provider-centric plans

We deliver Medicare Advantage Plans with a proven care delivery model that empower you to offer exemplary care that is good for both your residents, and your business.

AllyAlign Health - Proven Model of Care

Proven model of care

Our high-touch, preventive model of care enables enhanced primary care services and concierge-style care coordination to treat your residents in your community.

AllyAlign Health - Sustainable Financial Health

Sustainable financial health

Through the cost savings and revenue created with our solutions, you’re able to expand and leverage your clinical investments in resident care.

AllyAlign Health - Navigate the Options

Navigating the options for becoming a Medicare Advantage insurer is overwhelming.

AllyAlign Health is here for you.

We are experienced pioneers in the development and implementation of innovative Medicare Advantage strategies.

Our solutions empower senior living providers to improve the wellbeing of their residents, while improving the financial health of their business.


554 communities served
(and counting)


14,500 people receiving care (and counting)


22 states
we operate in


Hospital admissions are reduced by 35%



Over $350 million in premium under management

What members are saying

I am confident that my father is being treated with care, respect,
and kindness.

Since joining the plan, my mom has “come back to life” after losing her husband. Because of the services and great care, she’s happier now and participates in activities.

The plan has always gone above what I ever expected. It’s nice to
feel important, my questions are always answered.

I am happy that mom gets the
extra benefits, but the visits from
the plan Nurse Practitioner—this
is the best. You don’t get that
with other plans out there.

The plan Nurse Practitioner’s quick intervention prevented an ER visit after my mom fell. She arranged
for a mobile x-ray and we had confirmation within an hour
that there was no break.

I am so grateful for the guidance and assistance the plan nurse practitioner gave me during a difficult time. She helped my ’
mother get the gentle, personal
care she needed.

How we do it

Proprietary model of care

We believe bringing the right level of care, right to the home where residents live within your community is the right approach. Our model of care delivers an added level of support to complement the services you offer and the clinical investments you’ve made in resident care.

Plan development and launch

We do the hard work of handling the regulatory framework for our Medicare Advantage strategies, building infrastructure and provider networks, implementing the clinical model, and preparing for operational readiness so you can stay focused on what you do best manage the care and well-being of your residents.

Sharing the profits

Our model provides complete transparency into the utilization management results for your residents and enables you to share
in performance-based incentives. This creates a funding stream to support new and existing services to deliver the best possible care for your residents.

AllyAlign Health - Care Managment Techonology
AllyAlign Health - Contact Us for more Information


Contact us for more

This is the easy part where we ask you questions to help assess if now is the right time for you to become a Medicare Advantage plan insurer.

AllyAlign Health -Choose a Solution that is right for you


Choose a solution that is
right for you

With the help of our team, you can align with a Medicare Advantage Plan that is the right fit for the amount of risk that makes sense for your business and that offer preventive, onsite care for your residents.

AllyAlign Health - Further your Mission


Further your mission

Your residents will be happier and healthier, and your business will have the financial health to continue serving the evolving needs of your residents.

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help. 

AllyAlign Health model of care enables you to deliver a higher level of service and value to address the complex health needs of your residents.

Personalized care

individualized care

Enhanced health and

Improve quality ratings
and satisfaction

Stand out in the

Improve and protect your
revenue streams

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